Still Life
Most of Hoa's paintings are his self portraits, his family members portraits and still-life ...

Dang Xuan Hoa was born in nam Dinh, in 1959, and graduated from Hanoi College of Fine Art in 1983. As a young artist he painted a wide variety of still-lifes,only gradually moving on to a figuration that has come to dominate his art.
For Dang Xuan Hoa ,still life offered him the opportunity to experiment,and his later portraits he has used elements and many motifs such as vases,flowers,bowls and cats,of his still lifes to enhangce many of his best portraits and self portraits ...
Dang Xuan Hoa Still-Life paintings
juxtapose a myriad of objects found in a
typical Vietnamese home - fruit bowls, oil
lamps, ceramic vases, lotus leaves - and he
works to express his own unique
Vietnamese sensibility
Artist Dang Xuan Hoa continues to make
art that is both stimulatingand pertinent to
his time. His Art speaks also to the
examination of himself as an individual
caught in rapidly changing times and
desire to record his world ...
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